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Senraise R330 The mobile POS machine 

"R330 5 inch Touch screen display powered by a Quadcore processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, in-built 2” Thermal printer and 2D Barcode reader while the pre-loaded application software has been developed to support critical features such as anytime/anywhere billing, Inventory management, Spot offers/discounts, CRM, loyalty program etc to name a few. Further, the software facilitates diverse payment options through the Payment terminal for every transaction as well. The MagicBox, a product of Millennium India Group, can be used in kirana/Grocery stores, Convenio stores, Electric and electronics shops, Pharmacy, Coffee & bakery shops, Ice cream parlors, Textile stores, wholesale businesses, mobile stores, beauty salons, health clinics, food courts, and also by small-time traders or petty shops like tea shops, pan shops, road side eateries, etc."

Shanghai Senraise Intelligence CO.,Ltd

Since its inception, Senraise has been committed to becoming a professional intelligent commercial hardware supplier, and executing our dream of serving the IoT (Internet of Things) era has not changed. We provide system solutions for hardware + SSAS software for Commerical Customers.

We have a strong intention, professional ability and attitude to serve the following customer groups who engages in :

Payment solutions software vendors, POS smart payment terminal hardware traders& distributors, large and medium-sized retail industry solution providers and customers, POS smart terminal providers, and any ODM companies & organizations that need to provide intelligent business hardware + SAAS software system solutions , Online sales of B2C/B2B platform at home and abroad.

Our Advantage:

1. Hardware , independent development, cost saving, flexible customization.

Compared with the traditional POS manufacturers cannot lead the cost and master the difference between    the core hardware design, Senraise independently designs and develops the Android motherboard, flexibly meets the needs of customization within the industry, and currently covers Qualcomm, Spread rum, Rising Micro Solutions.

2. Software, Indepent OS systems, application scenarios, cloud services.

1) Senraise’s indepent OS system for commercial equipment, cutting the bottom layer, and increasing the self-test and remote services of commercial hardware equipment;

2) Senraie application market, built-in 3000+ commercial Apk application, deep adaptation of industry  top10 SAAS application software, to meet the application of various industries, convenient terminal merchants and agents to choose;

3) Senraise Cloud, own cloud system that satisfies the merchant management equipment, powerful, allows agents and customers to control the equipment under their own channels, update at any time, can be released in grayscale, can be automatically installed or deleted in the market. The application software of the device is flexible to upgrade the system.

3. Friendly product functions design, well cater to market demand and solve customer pain points.

The traditional bank POS machine, because it involves bank card swipe and password input, the system cannot install the Apk of other applications, need to prevent the Apk screenshot from stealing the user bank card password, cannot easily install the Apk other than the payment of the cashier, mainly used for the receipt of the payment Cannot be used in other more application scenarios.

Senraise POS is widely used, and it is practical to run android system in all walks of life. It needs to print, scan code and NFC application scenarios. Especially for the two-dimensional code payment mobile cash register.

Our Products

Current Mass production product series:

1R330 Series POS smart terminal (WiFi version, Standard version, NFC version, CCD version, Top version)

2S1 Android scan payment box (WiFi version, standard version, NFC version, CCD version, top version)

3A/W desktop cashier terminal (Android, Windows system) 

4Fingerprint recognition pos terminal (supports fingerprint payment) 

5P1 smart inventory machine (logistics, warehouse, support customization requirements) 

Our service:

Customer service & after-sales are as important as R&D innovation in Senraise .

The business email will be replied within 5 hours, the technical support will be replied within 12 hours, and the project will support the reply within 12 hours.

We hope to maintain high-frequency communication with our customers to help customers solve problems, understand consumer pain points, and continuously improve their service quality and product design capabilities to help customers develop local markets and achieve business success.

To achieve customers and help customers profit is the purpose of our service customers.

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